All Peugeot Cars sold since 1995 are equipped with an immobiliser system fitted on the production line and linked to a small carbon chip concealed inside the peugeot car key. The immobiliser system is protected by a four digit code which is given to the original
owner at point of sale on a plastic credit type card.

Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths can supply and program Peugeot Car keys and Peugeot remote car Keys to present day (no codes needed on most peugeot cars). Heres a few peugeot models we made replacement car keys for recenetly. Peugeot 106, Peugeot 107, peugeot 206, peugeot 307, peugeot 308, Peugeot 407, Peugeot Bipper, Peugeot Expert, Peugeot Partner, Peugeot Boxer.
Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths is an Peugeot car key  specialist and has the potential to save Peugeot owners not only alot of time and money if they are unlucky enough to lose some or all of their Peugeot car keys. Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths comes to the customer’s vehicle to cut a new replacement Peugeot car key, whereas Peugeot Dealerships will normally ask a motorist to get their vehicle to there Peugeot dealer on a low-loader (if all car keys lost) or to there workshop and then order the replacement Peugeot car key from france which can take upto 2 weeks to arrive. That adds up to time, hassle & money which was wasted in comparison to using Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths who will cut and program a new replacement Peugeot car key at roadside usually same day.

If you have any questions regarding replacement peugeot keys, please phone our head technician Graham on 07956 631491 (If no answer please text)

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