Car Keys Of Blackpool, Auto Locksmiths can supply and program mercedes keys, mercedes  smart keys for mercedes benz cars from around 1995-2014. Mercedes Infra Red Keys from £125.

Mercedes Benz Immobiliser systems explained.
All Mercedes Benz cars since around 1992 had immobilising systems fitted. Mercedes Benz started using infra red smart car keys around 1995. This infra red key system consists of an electronic ignition switch (EZS, where the keys are stored), an electronic steering lock (ESL) and a coded engine control unit (ecu).
When the infra red key is inserted into the EZS, the EZS looks into the keys infra red eye, if the EZS recognises the information stored in the infra red key it sends a signal to unlock the ESL and then lets the key turn in the EZS to bring on ignition. When the key is turned to crank the EZS sends a signal to the engine ecu. It is here in the engine ecu where the vehicles decides if the information from the EZS and key is correct to let the engine crank and the vehicle to start. Due to the complex nature of mercedes car keys only the very best auto locksmiths produce Mercedes Benz car keys.

Lost Mercedes Benz Car Keys.
Only the best Auto locksmiths can gain entry to Mercedes Benz cars, vans and supply and program replacement Mercedes Benz Car keys. Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths will pick and  decode the Mercedes Benz original locks and create a replacement infra red mercedes benz smart car key,  which will not only start the mercedes benz car but will also remote lock the vehicle. Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths will create you a mercedes benz infra red key for your vehicle usually same day.

Spare Mercedes Benz Car Keys.
If you need a spare Mercedes Benz car key for your Mercedes then Ace Diagnostics can help. We can supply you with a replacement spare mercedes benz car at at a fraction of the cost the mercedes benz dealer would charge. Spare Mercedes Benz infra red keys are much easier for us to produce than lost mercedes benz car keys so the price is reduced for the customer prices start from £145.  Spare Mercedes Benz car Keys are usually produced same day, so no lengthy wait like the mercedes benz dealer ordering infra red keys from germany.

Replacement Mercedes Benz Car Keys
We are capable of producing Mercedes Benz car Keys for most Mercedes Benz models till around 2010 a few are listed below.
          A-CLASS (W169), B-CLASS (W245),C-CLASS (W203, W204), CLK (W208,W209),
          E-CLASS (W210,W211,W212), CLS CLASS (W219), S CLASS (W220,W221),
          CL (W215,W216), SLK (R171), G-CLASS (W463), R-CLASS (W251), M-CLASS (W164),
          GL-CLASS (X164), VITO VANIO (W638,W639),SPRINTER (ALL)

Mercedes Benz infra red Key Repairs
Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths can fully test mercedes benz infra red keys in case of immobiliser failure on your mercedes benz. We offer Mercedes infra red key repair service from £95.

Ace Diagnostics Auto Locksmiths offer Mercedes Benz Car key programming in Blackpool, Preston and Lancaster areas.

If you have any more questions about your Mercedes Benz car key, please  give our head technician Graham a call on 07956 631491.(If no answer please text)


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